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sic itur ad astra

But oh, what you could become if you learned to exhale stardust. Annie. I don't believe in no-win scenarios. I'm going to grow up to be Captain James T. Kirk and no one can stop me. All of my favorite characters die. Semi-hiatus for school. My weenie. Bones to my Kirk. A network for Chris Pine. Space Family Network


dude if you think about it we’re already astronauts. earth is in space. we’re in space. dude




does anyone else just






does anyone else just



Mickey Milkovich 4x11


someone taped a very tiny zachary quinto to the bathroom stall and now i feel a little self conscious


The thing about the town is that everyone has a novel in their back pocket. 

Leonard fucking hates when he goes out on a date, meets a friend of a friend, goes to pick his daughter up from kindergarten and they immediately start talking to him about their story. He doesn’t fucking care about their story. 

He almost hates it as much as when his boss, Chris Pike, makes him babysit the interns.

"Jesus, Chris, their just babies. What do you want me to do, give them a manuscript and left them color on it?"

Pike raises an eyebrow at him from across his desk. “If I remember correctly that’s exactly what you had Joanna do during bring your kid to work day.”

Leonard grins at him. “It was a shit manuscript anyway.”

Chris hands him an application and resume. He groans. If he has to read another cover letter about how the kid was an NYU creative writing major who desperately wanted to write novels just like Enterprise Books published he was going to quit.

"James T. Kirk. George Kirk’s kid?" He asked and flipped a page to skim the resume. Not an NYU student then.

"Yep." Pike says and pulls a manuscript, thicker than his father’s old dictionary sitting on a shelf behind his own desk, toward him. 

"And?" Leonard waits for more information. 

"And nothing. Looks like a good recruit. Like you to train him."

"Wait, you hired him already?" 

"Yeah, he’s on the Bridge." 

Pike flips open the manuscript and props up his elbow as he settles in to read. 

Leonard rubs at his temple and tries to remember that he does this for the writing, the feeling of coming across a good manuscript, raw and open for suggestion. He does this for the finished product, of seeing the book hit the NYT best seller’s list. Not to oversee crap interns. Even if they happen to be George Kirk’s kid. 

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This is what happens when white guys listen to Indian music

holy shit

whenever I’m feeling sad I just watch this video.

I was not expecting that level of choreography or that they would actually know the words.  This is awesome.

my obsession with this still burns

pshh boys


I’m calling it: the moments after a failed Vulcan nerve pinch are the most socially awkward moments possible.

Move like you stole it

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